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12V Carbon Fiber Heater price
Our History
2011 by the Zhejiang Automobile Supplies Association commissioned, the new family company has become the main writer and revision of the automotive massage products industry standards.
2010 R & D and manufacturing base in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, was officially put into operation.In the same year, the new family marketing company in the beautiful Qiantang Riverside-Hangzhou officially settled in the establishment
2009 "New Family" trademark was named Zhejiang Province famous trademark.
The same year became a supplier to the domestic carmaker Geely Group.
2008 The "Sojoy" trademark was successfully registered in Japan, the United States and Europe.
2006 of the company's exports of tens of millions of dollars, access to foreign well-known retailers Wal-Mart, Target and other companies recognized, become its quality suppliers.
2004 Establish a joint venture company, increase the injection molding production line, improve the electronic functional cushion of the entire manufacturing process.
2003 through the  ' A quality system certification, and in the same year the acquisition of resort hotels-crouching Longshan Zhuang, the establishment of new family company training base, for personnel training to lay the foundation.
2000 the formation of Zhejiang New Group Auto Supplies Co., Ltd., and in the same year to obtain self-import and export rights, is the state to liberalize the right to operate the first private enterprises.
1998 acquisition of local machinery factory idle more than 50 acres of land and plant, to carry out alterations, the company officially has more than 10,000 square meters of standardized plant.
1996 and SCAs Shenzhen Company to become a strategic partner, the first time to participate in China's largest comprehensive international trade event-Canton Fair.
1994 is a supplier of CA, a U.S. automotive supplies company, with a product line extending from a single wooden bead cushion to dozens of automotive interior products.
1992 the establishment of Tiantai Huaxin Craft Factory to manufacture and export wooden bead cushions as the main business.
Our Factory
Sojoy Holding CO.,Ltd was founded in 1992, has factory in Tiantai, along with sales & marking office in Hangzhou. The main products including heated seat cushion, heated blanket, insert seat heater, gel cushion, massage cushion, comfort cushion etc. Sojoy is well positioned to provide the OEM need of customers. We will continues to find ways to strengthen our business to further meet the needs of more customers. Sojoy are devote to providing customer warm and comfortable driving.
Our Product
1.12v heated seat cushion
2.12v heated blanket
3.Cooling seat cushion
4.Gel seat cushion
Product Application
Automobile inner jewelry, mainly used in the car
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
North America, Europe
Performance: 80 million
Our service
1. Pre-sales: professional customer service staff will answer questions about product parameters, specifications, packaging and transportation methods before customers buy products;
2. In sales: customers will be informed of the installation method and use experience after purchasing the products;
3. After-sales service: timely communicate with customers to solve quality problems.12V Carbon Fiber Heater price

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