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Customized High Reliability Electrolytic Capacitor
1. product Introduction(High Ripple Current)
High Ripple Current electrolytic capacitor 1500uf, Endurance 105℃ 6,000 hours, Good thermal characteristics and high ripple current capability, fully insulated with PET, Suitable for DC Link of high voltage inverter, LED external power supply, waterproof power supply.
RoHS Compliant
2. product Parameter
Type: High Ripple Current Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Sleeve Color: black and gold
Capacitance: 1500uF
Rated voltage: 25V
size: 12.5*20.5mm
Lead pitch: 5.0mm
Ambient temperature: -40 to 105°C
Rated freq: 120HZ
Ripple Current: 1017mArms
Leakage current: 375uA
Life(105°C): 6000hours
tanδ: 0.14
Structure: Fixed capacitors
Weight: 3.88g
Packing: bag packing
Polarized design: the longer lead is positive electrode and the shorter one is negative electrode.

3. Production details

4. Product qualification
5. Deliver,shipping and serving
Delivery period:3~15day
Customized service:OEM
After sales service:Operation requirements and PrecautionsCustomized High Reliability Electrolytic Capacitor

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