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NEW YORK (AP) At 13 Willie Mays Jersey , Charlie Fish in Cincinnati has just been given the parental go-ahead to use social media for the first time. He’s also a competitive golfer, avid ”SportsCenter” watcher and well aware of the attention received by offensive tweets posted years ago by some Major League Baseball players, some when they were teenagers themselves.But is he old enough and mature enough to put all of those things together?Some parents have seized on posts by Milwaukee Brewer Josh Hader, Atlanta Brave Sean Newcomb and Washington National Trea Turner as teaching moments about how living life online means your posts may never go away. They’re just not sure whether their young, uber-sharers are listening.Charlie’s dad, Bill Fish, is hopeful that Charlie gets it. He’ll hope the same for his 9-year-old son when he, too, reaches the magical Fish family age of 13 and is allowed on Snapchat, Instagram or whatever the stream du jour will be.”Charlie came to me about the story and how dumb the players were to be racist on Twitter,” said the senior Fish, who once captained the Xavier University baseball team. ”I tried to convey that while only your buddies may see what you put online at this point, you never know when something could come back to bite you.”Fish uses a shorthand with his kids that’s popular among parents, one that seems old fashioned: ”My stance is to never put out anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read.” Those words are easy http://www.giantsfanproshop.com/authentic-evan-longoria-jersey , but as a former head of a company focused on reputation management, Fish knows a thing or two about how old social media posts can rear later in life.”You wouldn’t believe how many parents came to us after colleges dug up things their children posted online while going through the application process,” he said. ”For these baseball players to be raked over the coals for something they said six or seven years ago seems a little unfair, but at the same time a great lesson to talk about what should and what shouldn’t be put on social media.”What grandma may not know, along with youthful social media natives, is at the heart of the baseball controversy, along with why someone would make racist, sexist or anti-gay statements to begin with. Deleted tweets, private messages – just about anything – can be unearthed these days . For kids, the potential dangers of that are endless, from college admissions to rookie job interviews, both rites of passage likely not on the mind yet for 13-year-old Charlie.”Last year, there was a widely reported case of 10 students who had been accepted to Harvard who had those acceptance rescinded because of racist social media posts. The posts were supposedly in a private chat,” said psychologist Shane Owens Barry Bonds Jersey , who treats adolescents, college students and young adults in Commack, New York. ”Most kids are not able to appreciate the long-term consequences of their actions.”Josef Blumenfeld in Natick, Massachusetts, outside Boston, is a communications expert serving educational technology companies. He’s also the father of two girls, 15 and 17. His oldest is on Twitter and posts a lot about makeup, youth activism and mental health, and the Boston Bruins.”We talk about their social media activity all the time,” he said. ”We often point to something `not smart’ that someone they know did on social media. They roll their eyes, but we keep doing it.”The recent baseball tweets gone viral have not surfaced in their chats, but the subject of old posts resurfacing certainly has.”Even disappearing photos on Instagram are discoverable,” Blumenfeld said.The challenge for parents is to recognize that their kids may not consider social media a form of speech, said Ari Yares Madison Bumgarner Jersey , a psychologist, parenting coach and father of four in suburban Washington, D.C.”We keep talking to our kids about how, just like the spoken word, you can’t take back what you say online. It’s always out there,” he said. ”The challenge in having these conversations with kids is that from a developmental perspective they don’t always see the impact that their actions can have.”Another important lesson of the ball player tweets is helping young people understand ”even their idols have done bad things that they regret,” said Dr. Gail Saltz, an associate professor of psychiatry at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill-Cornell Medical College. ”No one, including them, is immune to the negative consequences of making impulsive choices that did not take into account possible bad outcomes in the future.”But are the regrets sincere, asks Maureen Paschal, who has four kids ranging from 14 to 24. She, too Juan Marichal Jersey , has brought up the baseball tweets with some in her brood.”My kids and I agreed that those players would have seemed more sincere in their apologies if they had cleaned up their social media accounts when they matured enough to see how awful those tweets were,” said Paschal, in Charlotte, North Carolina. ”Cleaning up after they were caught isn’t a very convincing argument for their change of heart.” Reader Daniel De Vivo shares his end-of-season list of the best talent in Miami’s improved farm system."I’m proud of the Marlins minor league coverage at Fish Stripes, but we don’t have all the answers. Daniel De Vivo (@DanielDeVivo) doesn’t either, but his top prospects list is as thorough as anything out there. The original document has stats and notes for every player in his Top 100. I brought some of his notes here and blended them together with minor league highlights from the 2018 season. Enjoy, and tell us what the top of your personal rankings would look like. —Ely Sussman, Managing Editor1) OF Monte Harrison70 Arm/60 Run/55 Power/55 Field; only position player in farm with 4 above-average tools; regressed in 2018, K rate in the clouds2) RHP Sandy Alc谩ntara3) RHP Jorge Guzman4) RHP Nick Neidert5) 2B Isan Diaz6) LHP Braxton Garrett7) C Will Banfield70 Arm/55 Field/50 Power; everyone’s raving about defensive skills and leadership; showed great arm in 1st season; 30% K rate 8) OF Connor Scott9) LHP Trevor Rogers10) RHP Edward Cabrera11) RHP Jordan Yamamoto12) 3B James Nelson13) OF Tristan Pompey55 Hit/50 Power/55 Run; aptitude and power from both sides of the plate; looks like a stud14) OF Brian Miller15) SS Joe Dunand16) SS/2B Christopher Torres17) SS Jose Devers18) RF/LF Austin Dean19) SS Osiris Johnson20) RHP Zac Gallen21) OF Thomas Jones22) RHP Ryan Lillie23) LHP Luis PalaciosPlayed like a Cy Young at the Dominican Summer League; only 4 walks in 64 innings; .155 batting average against24) RHP Jeff Brigham25) RF Isael Soto26) RHP Robert Dugger27) OF Brayan Hernandez28) SS/2B Bryson BrigmanMaybin trade; solid OBP; most tools good, not 1 that really stands out; very little HR power; 14% career K rate29) RHP Merandy Gonzalez30) 2B Riley Mahan31) RHP Jordan Holloway32) RHP Matt Givin33) 1B Sean ReynoldsVery interesting; top power and solid speed and baserunning skills, but dreadful K rate; trending up34) RHP Brady Puckett35) RHP Tyler Kolek36) LHP McKenzie Mills37) LHP Jose Quijada38) RHP Tommy EveldZiegler trade; touches 97 and average slider; has never had a bad season in his career; 1.88 career ERA/0.95 career WHIP39) RHP Colton Hock40) OF Braxton Lee41) RHP Sam Perez42) RHP Ben Meyer43) RHP Albert Guerrero44) RHP Dustin Beggs45) RHP Ethan Clark46) OF Jhonny Santos47) OF Isaac Galloway48) OF John NorwoodHad been getting better every year of career until ‘18; Great arm 49) OF Jerar Encarnacion50) RF/LF Jorge Caballero51) OF Ricardo Cespedes52) 1B John Silviano53) 3B Brian Schales54) OF Davis Bradshaw55) RHP Lukas Schiraldi56) SS/3B Ynmanol Marinez57) RHP Brandon Miller58) 1B Lazaro Alonso59) LHP Daniel Castano60) C Jarrett Rindfleisch61) RHP Humberto Mejia62) RHP Vincent Aiello63) C Jared Barnes64) RHP Kyle Keller65) LHP Dylan LeeConverted to starter; beautiful 2018 (K rate, BAA and WHIP); needs to work on BBs; 3 levels in ‘18!66) 2B Justin Twine67) RHP George Soriano68) 2B Alvaro Montero69) RF/LF Michael Donadio70) RF/LF Stone Garrett71) RHP Chad Smith72) RHP Parker Bugg73) OF Milton Smith74) RHP Cody Poteet75) RHP Andy Beltre76) C Nick Fortes77) RHP Josh Roberson78) RHP Leudy Martinez79) RHP Taylor Braley80) RHP Reilly Hovis81) RHP Alejandro Mateo82) 1B Jonathan Rodriguez83) LHP Dakota Bennett84) RHP Chris Vallimont85) OF Corey Bird86) RHP Daniel Paulino87) OF Aaron Knapp88) 1B/RF/LF Omar Lebron89) RHP Travis Neubeck90) OF Albert Guaimaro91) 2B Walter Espinal92) OF Anfernee Seymour93) OF Cameron Baranek94) RHP R.J. Peace95) C/1B J.D. Osborne96) LHP Sean Geunther97) 2B Samuel Castro98) RHP Remey Reed99) LHP Alex Vesia100) RHP Tyler Jones

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